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Beauty News: CC Creams the new BB Wonder Product?

CC Cream

One of the biggest beauty product trends I can remember of late is BB creams. Just about every company in the beauty industry has released one of these tinted multi-tasking make-up/skin creams. So the news on the beauty wire is that there is something new coming that is going to take over. The latest skin trend to come out of Asia, which reckons that it is bigger and better than the BB Cream is the CC Cream.

So what is a CC Cream? It stands for Color Control cream and is an improved and refined Beauty Balm created and developed in Korea. It repairs damage, evens skin tone & texture, firms & improves elasticity, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, creates a radient complexion, balances skin tone and is rich in anti-oxidants.

olay-cc-creamSo what is the difference between a CC cream and the BB Cream? As we know the beauty balms are a skincare and light foundation in one, they are dewy and hydrating, but they sit on the skin as they are mostly silicone based. The CC Cream is a color correcting cream, meaning that it is a brightening primer, foundation, moisturizer, SPF and anti-aging cream in one and is absorbed into the skin. It treats and covers uneven skintone by reducing pigmentation. They are usually sillicone and oil free. I always found that there just wasn’t enough coverage in the Beauty Balms, so I never got hooked to them. I am really looking forward to trying the CC Creams as they are supposed to have better coverage too.

CC Creams

Photo courtesy of http://www.byrebeccalouise.com

What do you think? Reckon this is a fad or could this be the holy grail? Have you tried them? Look forward to hearing from you.

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