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Beauty Lowdown: What Skin Type Are You?

What Skin Type Am I


In the course of my work I have felt and worked with every skin type out there. From sensitive and flakey, to oil slick crazy I have encountered everything on the skin spectrum. The major thing that I have noticed is that 9/10 people think that they have combination skin and this is simply just not the case. No matter what skin type you have you will always have variations on your face, so areas that are drier or more prone to oiliness. This does not necessarily mean that you are combination skin.  I have compiled a little questionnaire to help guide you in your quest for skin care analysis and later on in the blog I will discuss the best skin care and products for your skin type.


1. How does your skin look in the morning?

a.) Shiny and in good need of a clean
b.) Dull in good need of hydration
c.) Same as the night before
d.) Red and blotchy
e.) In need of a clean, but not particularly oily

2. How often do you need to clean your face?

a.) Morning and night, but sometimes wish I could clean it in the afternoon too
b.) I hate cleaning my face as it alway feels parched
c.) Morning and night
d.) Don’t like cleaning my face as I am sensitive to most products
e.) Only feels like it needs a clean at night, but I clean it in the morning out of habit

3. What kind of foundation do you wear?

a.) I swear by Estee Lauder Double Wear or MAC Studio Fix, it is the only foundation that stays on my face without sliding in a couple of hours. Also am inclined to bring a powder compact in my handbag incase of shine.
b.) Tinted moisturiser or BB Cream as I don’t like the way that normal foundation sits on my skin, would not go near powder.
c.)  I like most foundations, but would wear powder on the T-zone.
d.) I don’t wear foundation as it tends to make be break out, if I do I tend to go for La Roche Posay and Vichy products as they are hypo-allergenic
e.) I can wear any foundations, but especially love the luminous finish ones. Don’t tend to need powder.

4. Which of these is your favorite skin product?

a.) Blotting Papers and full coverage foundation
b.) Definitely my moisturiser, without it my skin is so thirsty
c.) Powder Compact
d.) Calming fluid
e.) I colour cosmetics, so playing up my eyes or lips as I don’t worry about my skin too much

6. How often do you have breakouts?

a.) Regular breakouts as well as those pesky under the skin boils!
b.) I never breakout, at least that is one positive about my skin.
c.) I break out occasionally, especially around that time of the month.
d.) I regularly break out or have red itchy patches to my skin
e.) I rarely have spots

8. How well do you tolerate the sun?

a.) I tan easily
b.) I burn easily and need to wear sunscreen
c.) I tan averagely
d.) I have to lather myself in sunscreen and tend to avoid direct sunshine
e.) I do tan, but would ensure I wear sun protection

Mostly A – You Have Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

oily skin

Photo courtesy of www.clearclinic.com

You need to control the oil production of your skin, but don’t strip all the natural oils. Use a good facewash and an oil-free moisturizer. You can also have de-hydrated skin, where your skin lacks moisture, but still produces oil. If this is the case, use a moisture booster at night. If going in the sun always use an oil-free sunscreen with mineral SPF like titanium dioxide. Otherwise you can clog your pores and get more unwanted spots.

Use a matt foundation which will help to stave off shine. If you get shiny later in the day, first use blotting sheets to absorb excess oil, then use a blotting powder to remove the last bit of shine. If you just use powder on its own, it can just mix with your oils and become muddy, giving you a heavy caked look.

Mostly B – You Have Dry Skin

Dry Skin
Photo courtesy of http://www.womanlypage.com

Avoid using facewashes, instead opt for creamy cleansers or balm cleansers. You need to boost your skins hydration in two ways. Use a good serum, to get deep into the skin with sorely needed moisture and use a good rich cream to keep all this moisture in. At night consider using a night cream for added suppleness. Always use a high SPF sunscreen and avoid too much sun.

Use a cream based liquid foundation that doesn’t have any pearlised or shimmery particals in it as they tend to accentuate any texture or dry skin on the face. Avoid matt foundations like the plague, they will just suck any moisture in your skin and leave you looking scaly.

Mostly C – You Have Combination Skin

Combination Skin
Image Courtesy of http://www.neutrogena.com/

Combination skins vary in their oily-dry dynamic so there is no cure-all productso you should treat the predominant condition. If you have mostly dry skin but an oily T-zone, go for a cleanser that treats dry skin and then use less moisturiser on the T-zone. If you have mainly oily skin, but dry areas, use a facewash for oily skin, but ensure that you moisturise the dryer areas well.

It can be tricky to find a foundation that doesn’t dry the skin out, but keeps the oily areas at bay. So go for balancing, multitasking foundations that are available.

Mostly D – You Have Sensitive Skin

sensitive skin
Photo courtesy of http://www.gocitygirl.com

Use calming and soothing products that contain green tea or white tea and avoiding soaps in favor of gentle cleansers. Be very careful in the sun and always wear at least SPF 30 or complete sun block on particularly sensitive areas.

Always go for hypoallergenic foundations which are available from most pharmacies. These are unperfumed and tested on sensitive skin types to ensure that they cause no reactions. Avoid colour cosmetics if you are particularly bad.

Mostly E – You Have Normal Skin

normal skin
Photo courtesy of www.gemmagazineli.com

The world is your Oyster.  You can use any type of product according to your personal preference. From facewash to cream cleansers, you will find a formula suited to your skin type. Always look after your skin and don’t opt for the lazy solution like face wipes, they may not affect your skin in the short term, but down the line they can cause aging and imbalance.

You can have fun with textures, from matt to dewy depending on your mood.


So that is skin types in a nutshell. I hope you found it helpful and now know what skin type you are. If you  still have any questions about skin types after this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I will be following this blog post with a discussion about skin care for each skin type, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, now that you know what skin type you are, why not check out which primer suits your skin type best.

Lots of love,

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