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Barry McCall Introduction to Photography

Barry McCall Photography

Barry McCall Photography


Hello ladies, Emma here! Apologies as I haven’t posted here in a while. I have been mad busy with television shows, ads, photoshoots and of course wedding season is in full swing! Of course Lisa and Orlaith ensured your beauty taste buds were satisfied with some fantastic posts, from reviews, news and in depth beauty tutorials! I have really enjoyed reading their posts and I am sure that you have too, I wouldn’t be able to keep up the blog without them, so it is fantastic to have them on board. 

You might have seen on Saturday that I was at the famous Bond Street Studios of world renowned photographer Barry McCall. I received a wonderful gift from all my friends and family of a high quality SLR camera for my 30th Birthday. I was so delighted, it definitely made getting older worth it! However I found that I was just using the Manual Settings as I didn’t know what all the different functions were. When I saw that Mr.McCall was running a course I knew that I would have to sign up. His work is out of this world, not only has he shot some of the biggest Models & Celebrities in the world like Claudia Schiffer, Gabriel Byrne and U2, but he has also shot my personal hero Richard Branson on his Island in the British Virgin Islands no less!

Barry McCall Lighting Techniques

We were welcomed to the studio by Barry himself and had a chat over a nice warm cup of coffee, sweet treats and biscuits. He was really warm and friendly and ensured that everyone felt comfortable. Once we finished the intros it was straight in to meet his team, Paul the “Tech Guy” and Dylan his assistant / “Photoshop Extraordinaire” to get cracking with the theory and technicality of photography. They had organised a fantastic presentation that was interactive and easy to follow. I am a complete novice, but was able to grasp everything they discussed, obviously have to go over it as I am sure I have forgotten most of it!

After the morning of theory we were all pretty tired, but got an elevenses before watching the master at work. Barry makes it look so easy and I love the way that he kept his lighting set ups really simple, so that we could follow what he is doing. He showed us four different types of lighting, a Hex Softbox, a Tungsten Light, a Beauty Dish and Daylight. Funnily enough daylight was my favourite. You can’t beat the big pie in the sky! After the demos we got some lunch which was sent in from Noshington, one of my favourite Cafe’s if you are ever near Griffith College you should check it out.  This was followed by the hands on photoshoot.

We were split into three groups so got pretty much one on one help when taking our shots. It was great to see how Barry worked with the models and was able to get an amazing shot, it is all about your angles! I took a few shots on my own camera, which are below…I don’t think they are too bad for a complete novice!

Hannah from 1st Options

Agata 1st Options
What do you think? Anyone thinking of doing the course? He does an Intermediate course too, which I will definitely be signing up for.

Lots of love,


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