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Avatar Make-Up

By January 12, 2010Uncatagorized


I went to see Avatar directed by James Cameroon the other day, all I can say is WOW! I thought that it was absolutely fantastic . They did a really good job of creating an ethereal enchanted world which to be honest I wouldn’t mind living in.

Avatar's Neytiri

Anyway I have decided that I would like to go as Neytiri for Halloween this year. I know what you are thinking, that I must be mad talking about Halloween…but every year I make a half arsed attempt at a costume on the day, which is a bit ridiculous considering I am a Make-Up Artist. Here are some examples:

Green Witch
I am the Green Witch

I’m not a very scary vampire!
Blue Hair
Blue Hair = Instant Halloween Costume

So this year it’s going to be different and I am going to pull out all the stops! Myself and my Make-Up Artist friend have agreed to do each other’s make-up for Halloween. The reason for this is it is kinda hard to lifecast and apply character make-up to yourself.

She is going to apply a full prosthetic character make-up to make me look like Neytiri. I will blog the process as we go along with some pictures and instructions for anyone else who would like to know how it is done. I will also be doing a charcter make-up on my friend. She hasn’t decided what she would like to go as yet. I am trying to convince her to go as the borg:

Borg Lady

Or if you guys have any other suggestions of characters that she could go as that would involve prosthetics, let me know. Anyway, watch this space as I will let you know how we get on xx

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