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There have been some definite trends evident already in the Fall collections from the top designers. Eyebrows have been raised literally by Dior and Co. Natural brows have been waxed over and hidden and a thin line drawn above the natural position.  The effect makes eyes look rather alien. Faces are kept pale, a blank canvas enabling colourful, false lash clad eyes to pop. The lip look, harks back to the sultry 1920’s, with defined cupid’s bows in purple and pink. This look is about drama and expression.


John Galliano

Jean Paul Gaultier

As can be expected with a Autumn collections there were alot of bronze, golds and browns about, symbolic of the change of colours from summer to autumn. However the colours were kept mainly to the eyes and lips. Skin had a more pale matt tone.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Donna Karan

Anna Sui

Carolina Herrera


A huge trend again this Autumn is red lips, with many different shades making an appearance from Scarlett to Blood. Again gorgeous and with a well defined cupids bow. A good angled lip brush is essential for this look. I particluarly like Armani’s shade of lippy.

Alexander McQueen

Dolce & Gabbana



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