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All Time Favourite Skeleton

By October 23, 2012Brands, Uncatagorized, Vichy

Skeleton Rick Genest for Mugler

As it is that spooky time of year again, I thought I would share one of my all time favourite make-up video tutorials…ever! I know that is quite the declaration, but seriously check this out for yourself and you will see what I mean.

It is by Dermablend and it features Rick Genest. If you haven’t heard of him before, he is the heavily tattooed skeleton He was thrust on to the international stage, by none other than Lady Gaga. Her personal stylist Nicola Formichetti, came across a picture of Rick on the internet and became instantly intrigued. He contacted Rick through is facebook and flew to Montreal to meet him and shoot a campaign for Thierry Mugler’s Fall 2011 campaign. After this he then cast Rick to be in one of Lady Gaga’s Videos, Born this Way.

In March 2011, Genest returned to Paris where he appeared along with Lady Gaga in the Mugler Women’s fashion show. He was subsequently introduced to famed photographer Steven Klein who shot him for 2011 Spring Edition of Arena Hommes Plus. His relationship with Formichetti has clearly been a boon for his career, and has since seen him pose for such magazines as GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue Hommes Japan, as well as a collaboration with the juggernaut of the fashion photography world – the renowned — L’Enfant terrible Terry Richardson.

In this video Dermablend and a team of highly talented make-up artists cover all his tattoos to show the power of their products. He looks so different without his tattoos!

So what do you think of this video? Do you prefer him with or without tattoos?

Lots of love,


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